Kitty scrubbing

Yesterday was kitty scrubbing day! My fuzzy monsters snuck into the garage a couple days ago and when I found them, they were very dirty from rolling around on the garage floor. Of course that was the night they both decided to sleep on my bed. Yuck. They were about due for a bath anyways so yesterday, Judy got to experience kitty scrubbing for the first time. =D

It takes 2 people to scrub my kitties. I need someone to hold the detatchable shower head for me while I hold on to the victim cat and scrub. Bobo makes a lot of fussy noises but once you get him wet, he just kinda resigns himself to putting up with it until he’s done. Yoyo, on the other hand, is an opportunistic escape artist. He’ll pretend like he’s putting up with it and then if you let him near anything he can latch onto (people, towels, edges of tubs or sinks), he’ll try to haul himself out and make a run for it.

The whole process actually went fine except for the one time Judy got within reach of Yoyo and he tried to climb up her head. ^^;

But now the kids are all clean and they smell like mango tango… kinda. Well they’re supposed to. That’s what the pet shampoo bottle says.

Aside from that, I’ve been working all sorts of odd hours so I can talk to my co-worker in Israel, and doing lots of sewing for Animagic. Yes, I’m going. =) No, I won’t buy a badge and support Revell. =)