Baby Moogle Costume

I love Halloween because it means I can dress up my brood. This year’s theme was supposed to be Final Fantasy with the Grub as a moogle and the Larva as a white mage. I got as far as making the moogle costume, but then I decided that we needed to do a theme as an entire family.

The problem with that decision is that I no longer have a Final Fantasy costume and making new adult costumes is a lot more work than making kid costumes. Marcus and I do, however, both have Avatar: The Last Airbender costumes, so now I’m in middle of making new Avatar costumes for the kids.

In the meantime, I decided to snap some photos of the Grub in her moogle costume.

baby moogle costume
baby moogle costume

I use Simplicity 1767 as a base. I’ve used this pattern a few times and I always make a few changes. I make the sleeves a little longer and this time, I added mittens on to the ends. I also alter the hood because I don’t like the elastic gathers the pattern calls for. Instead, I trim the hood down so it’s not so big.

baby moogle costume

I used fleece for the entire costume. The wings are fleece sewn over Pellon Peltex for stiffness, and the pompom is a magician’s foam ball glued on to a piece of felt folded a bunch of times into a fabric rod.

baby moogle costume

I think the costume came out pretty cute, but obviously I’m biased. =D

11 comments on Baby Moogle Costume

  • Mi

    Omg dying.
    I need to see this in person.

    Also, OT, I was holding a 6-7 month old yesterday, and she was the same size 8D

    • AJ (author)

      @_@ The Grub is extremely large….

  • Rafael

    I have a newborn daughter and I would absolutely LOVE to have a moogle outfit for her. Would you be interested in selling one? I’d gladly purchase it!

  • Christina

    I would like this costume for my little one, it would have to be 12 mos

    • AJ (author)

      I’m sorry but I don’t have it anymore.

  • Amanda McAllister

    How do you attach the antenna to the good? I’m making a Moogle costume for my 6 month old son. I bought a premade jumpsuit and wing frames. I’m confused on the antenna though. Thanks in advance!

    • AJ (author)

      I made the antenna by folding a piece of felt a few times to make a stiff piece. I put it through the hood and split the antenna like a paper fastener brad. (Like one of these: Then I sewed down both sides of the felt “brad”. It helps they I put it in the seam of the hood so it was already pretty stable there. Hope that helps!

  • Laura

    Would it be possible to have you make one for my baby girl? If so how much? I’m in love with this costume. We wanted to do a Final Fantasy family theme this year for her first Halloween 🙂

    • AJ (author)

      I’m sorry but I don’t take commissions. I just don’t have time!

  • Allie Bryant

    How did you make the ears? I think this costume is just perfect and I want to create it for my newborn

    • AJ (author)

      The ears are one large triangle in front and 2 small triangles to make up the back. It’s a 3-sided pyramid with one very large face which becomes the front of the ear. I then stuffed with polyfil and hand sewed them to the hood.

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