I-Spy Quilts

For Christmas, I made an I-Spy quilt for The Brood, which they love. I’m really happy they like it because they were pretty apathetic about the other quilts I made them (which is fine, I don’t expect a baby to have much of an opinion about which blanket they’re spitting up on). =D I almost wish I had made the quilt bigger with more blocks except that I didn’t want to sew more blocks…

I-Spy Quilt

I-Spy quilts require a bit of planning because getting enough blocks takes time. I think the best way is to join a swap group. I joined the I-Spy swap group on Yahoo Groups which is a very well run group. I participated in 4 swaps before I had enough blocks to make my quilts.

I made 2 I-Spy quilts at the same time, one for my brood and one for Aimee’s girls. Each quilt had 56 blocks and I used a staggered and framed block layout.

I-Spy Quilt

I decided to try sending the quilts out for quilting this time. I’m so glad I did because Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting did a wonderful job and I love the results! This is computerized end-to-end quilting: flowers for Aimee and bubbles for mine.

I-Spy Quilt
I-Spy Quilt

I also made quilt labels for the first time. I embroidered them on my embroidery machine and hand sewed them in. (Names redacted to protect kiddo privacy.)

I-Spy QuiltI-Spy Quilt

And some final photos.

I-Spy QuiltI-Spy Quilt
I-Spy Quilt

I had a lot of fun making these so I wouldn’t mind doing it again. And good thing too as I have a ton of I-Spy blocks left from my swaps…

5 comments on I-Spy Quilts

  • Susan

    Love our quilts! I am inspired to start one but cannot find any current swaps. Any advice?

    • AJ (author)

      Sorry! I think I replied in the wrong place on the comment thread so you might not have gotten notified of my response:

      Did you check out the I Spy group on Yahoo Groups? They always have swaps going. You can check the schedule under Files to see what the upcoming swaps are.

      There are also people on Etsy that sell I-Spy block sets where you can buy an assortment of blocks.

      Hope that helps!

  • Lee

    The ISpyQuilts group on yahoo is doing an ABC swap right now. Stop by, sign up and join us. You will receive back one block represented for each letter A through Z.

  • Carole Quinn

    I know this I spy quilt was done a while ago but I love the set up. I am a quilter that needs a pattern can you give me a name of the pattern so I can see block sizes and how to put it together? Please


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