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Sewing 18th Century Pockets

I have been admiring all the Mid-Autumn festival mooncake packaging that is in the Chinese supermarkets right now. I decided to digitize an embroidery design with bunnies and a moon to go on a bag. I switched tracks in the middle to put the design on an 18th century pocket, but I’m planning on re-visiting the bag after this.

bunny and moon 18th century pockets

I took photos as I was assembling my sampler so here’s a quick blog post on how I assemble 18th century pockets.

Moana Costume Tutorial Part 3: Modifying the Skirt

So… I wasn’t going to post a skirt tutorial because it isn’t really necessary to re-make the skirt; the one from the official Disney costume is really nice as it is! But, I did modify mine, so I figured I’d show what I did in case anyone else wants to do it too.

For the Grub’s costume, I modified the skirt to replace the belt so that it matched the top’s fabric, and I put in a full length grass skirt.