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Macaron Pattern Weights Tutorial

I needed pattern weights so I was doing some research into making or buying them. I found some really cute polymer clay ones on Etsy but I am world’s biggest klutz (like I run into walls on a regular basis), and anything made from sculpey is pretty much doomed around me. Then I remembered these cute plastic macaron boxes I had seen on Amazon that I could turn into pattern weights. Those would stand a good change of surviving an unexpected trip to the floor!

macaron pattern weights

If you’re interested in making a set for yourself, here’s a super fast tutorial for making macaron pattern weights…

Design Boards

I made some design boards this week! Actually, in my case, they’re more like project boards because I’m using them to keep my projects sorted and stacked.

design boards

I’m currently in migratory sewing mode – I have no dedicated sewing space as Marcus has taken over my sewing table with his computer. I suppose the one downside of working from home is that we have to always have access to our computers. Since we converted the study into a temporary bedroom for the Grub, the computers had to be moved out, and my sewing table was the obvious place to move them.

It’s only a temporary move, but in the meantime, my projects have to be cleaned up every night and put away. I’ve just been piling them in stacks on top of the dryer in the laundry room, and it was getting messy in there. I set aside a few nights last week to make myself these design boards to put my projects on.