Baby Anna from Frozen


Frozen was not my most favorite Disney movie (I liked Tangled better), but the outfits were beautiful and the children versions of Anna and Elsa’s costumes are just adorable. Aimee created all the fabrics for her Spoonflower shop, so I figured: why not make an Anna dress for the Larva? I used Spoonflower’s Kona cotton for the top section and silky faille for the skirt, and they came out looking great!

Construction was pretty straight forward: it’s a simple child’s dress with shirring in the back. I think I really over-complicated things though by trying to be too accurate to the original art, but the great thing about baby costumes is that even when you do that, it still only takes a week to finish an outfit! I still haven’t figured out a good way to attach the belt without having it ruck up as the Larva runs around but I was pretty happy with everything else.

This was actually my first time shirring something and I got to learn all about how to tighten bobbin tension on drop-in bobbin machines. How did we ever survive before the advent of the internet and Google?!

The Larva wore this to Big Wow Comicfest and to Fanime.  I wasn’t sure she would be recognized much because the outfit only shows up very briefly in the movie, but a lot of people recognized her which was awesome!

ETA: The costume got re-used a couple years later by the Grub when I made Baby Elsa for the Larva. The Grub had way more hair at the same age, so she actually got pigtails to go with the costume. =D