Blue Sari Regency

My first attempt at a Regency dress didn’t turn out too bad! I’m more of a fan of the later Regency dresses with the flatter front panels, but being pregnant meant that I pretty much had to go with the gathered front style.

I used the Simplicity costume version as a starting point and modified it a bunch. There were some hairy moments in the middle where it resembled the most unflattering sack known to man but I finally got it into a wearable state. I’ve since then gotten the Bagatelle regency pattern which I’m excited to try.

The fabric for this dress is actually the sari from one of my very first cosplay costumes: Kendappa. I’ve been keeping it for the last 10 years in the hopes of being able to use it again and here it is in it’s second incarnation! Yay for making costumes from the fabric stash!

First Worn: Photoshoot 2012