Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings

This costume was made to be worn to opening night for The Two Towers and wasn’t really intended for much use. Then I joined One Ring Circus, a Lord of the Rings costuming group, and the costume got way more mileage than I ever expected.

I had to do a lot of cheating to make myself look taller. A shrimpy ringwraith doesn’t exactly inspire fear of any kind. I have boots that have 6″ platforms and I pad out my shoulders and the wireframe for the head is lifted above my head another couple of inches. I think I’m a bit over 6′ when everything is on, which may not sound impressive until you see how short I really am.

The sword in the pictures is the official Witchking sword that my friend bought for me as a present. It’s really big and rather heavy. I have to be really careful with it or I’ll trip on my cloak and end up falling and impaling myself… which would be utterly embarassing.

First Worn: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers opening night 2002