Steampunk: Nai the Spiderlily

We’ve been seeing steampunk costumes around for the last year or so and the style really interested us. It has a cool aesthetic and allowed us to try our hand at doing original designs which I’m really not good at. I haven’t seen much in the way of asian styled steampunk so I decided I was going to try for that and I really wanted a crossbow, so I ended up with an asian steampunk assasin character.

Cheryll decided we all needed crazy character names so Aimee helped me pick ‘Nai the Spiderlily’. Spiderlilies are a sign of death in Japanese culture so we thought that’d be fun to use.

This was an awesome project for us to do as a group and we had so much fun shooting with Ed again.

More photos of the group can be seen on HCC Cosplay’s site.

First Worn: Photoshoot 2008