Voyager Moana from Moana

Moana was the Brood’s first Disney movie and it’s a great movie that we all really liked. They didn’t want to have the same Moana costumes, so the Larva picked the outfit Moana is wearing in the final scene of the movie.

For anyone who ends up making this costume, I suggest hotglue for the feathers. I actually sewed them and feathers don’t do well with being sewn down. If I had to do it over, I would use glue. I also tried to make the skirt with a real dried grass skirt and it didn’t look very¬† good in child sizes, which is why I ended up going with the synthetic grass skirt.

I did get them wigs but after one trial wearing, they were having none of it, so now I have 2 unused Moana wigs.

We used these costumes for our holiday card which was shot on a green screen, hence all the photos with the kind-of-awful backdrop. =D