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Sewing 18th Century Pockets

I have been admiring all the Mid-Autumn festival mooncake packaging that is in the Chinese supermarkets right now. I decided to digitize an embroidery design with bunnies and a moon to go on a bag. I switched tracks in the middle to put the design on an 18th century pocket, but I’m planning on re-visiting the bag after this.

bunny and moon 18th century pockets

I took photos as I was assembling my sampler so here’s a quick blog post on how I assemble 18th century pockets.

Face Mask Pattern

So obviously I’ve been sewing a lot of masks. It’s been a lot of fun to use the cute quilting cottons I’ve been collecting over the years. I think it also says something about my stash that I’ve made close to 100 lined masks and I haven’t needed to order any fabric. =D

I started with using some of the free mask patterns available, and found none of them fit me very well, so I drafted my own. Disclaimer time! Everyone’s gonna get a different fit because everyone’s face is different and my pattern has been mostly tested on Asians. We tend to have less of a nose bridge so this mask was designed with that in mind.

PDF Pattern: Confused Kitty Sewing free mask pattern
(Please note that this pattern uses a ¼” seam allowance!)

  • S: fits children about 4-7
  • M: fits children about 8-12*
  • L: fits teens  to adults
  • XL: fits bigger adults

*I did not have test fit models in the upper end of this age range, so I have no idea how high it can go.
For reference, I use a L. My brother who is 6 feet tall uses the XL.

facemask facemask

I’ve been using the CraftPassion tutorial  for assembly. They have a great assembly method that includes a liner/filter pocket and a removable nose wire pocket. The only difference is that I use a ¼” seam allowance which means you don’t have to clip the seams.

I’m going to do a quick run down of assembling a mask, but I’m not going into a lot of detail because CraftPassion’s tutorial is already amazing. They even have a video tutorial, so go check out their site!

Turning Pins into Magnets Tutorial

I posted a photo of my project board a few months ago, and I got a few questions about my magnets. They’re enamel pins that I’ve converted to magnets. I love collecting enamel pins but I don’t ever wear them, so this is my way of finding a use for them.

converting pins into magnets

I try to do the converting in small batches, and I took photos as I was doing it this last time around.

Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

I find sewing machine covers fast, fun projects where I can use up scraps, or make use of the cute fabric that I sometimes buy because I can’t resist.

I recently had someone ask me for a tutorial on how I make these, so I took a bunch of photos when I made a cover for my Singer 99 hand crank.

sewing machine cover tutorial