Why Judy is the best roommate EVAR!

There’s over 20 yards of cording on that jacket… on Saturday, I ran out halfway through but I had bought the entire spool from the JoAnns we usually go to. I was desperately trying to get this costume done for a photoshoot on Sunday so Judy drove all over creation (the bay area in this case) checking fabric stores to find more of this trim which was this funky off-white color. Turns out JoAnns is discontinuning it so no one had it! ARGH!

So I went back to the first JoAnns we went to and bought the same colored trim, but it was a kind of upholstery trim that is sewn to bias tape. Guess who sat for 2 hours and picked out all the stitching on 12 yards of this stuff to separate the bias tape from the cord?

I love you Judy!

And the kicker? I didn’t finish in time. =P I tried sooo hard and didn’t sleep but I just couldn’t get it done to my satisfaction and I didn’t want to do a half-assed job because this costume means so much to me.

So instead, I wore Radames, and lionboogy took some wicked photos of me and Judy.