Been Sewing

I’ve been sewing!

So praedestinatio does this cool thing where she makes and donates fleece hats to the cancer radiation ward at the hospital. The hats are made available to patients going through chemo.

A couple weeks ago she organized a sewing party to make a big batch of hats. People who couldn’t sew cut hat pieces and bagged hats, and people who could sew, sewed!

It was a lot of fun and Mi’s mom fed us which is one of my favorite parts about hanging out with her family. =D Her mom’s home-made pizza is soooo good.

I think final count was around 50 hats which is awesome!

Two weekends ago was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The GBACG has this amazing “Last Dinner Aboard the Titanic” event that Judy and I attended.

We bought saris to make our dresses. The theory is sound… saris make amazing dresses. I would say if I had to do it over again though, I’d pick something with no beading on it. =P I can’t even begin to count how many needles I broke making this dress.

Miriam, Judy and I took some photos at a pretty building nearby before the event.


I’ll post my photos from the event in my next post. I’m still in middle of processing them.

Here’s a couple at the venue that didjiman took of us.


And yesterday, I made a moomoo from fabric aimeekitty designed on Spoonflower! I only had 2 yards of it so I was a bit limited in my options of what I could make.

I’ve decided I can’t make any more bags. I’m drowning in bags… it’s so ridiculous. So uh… yeah… moomoo!

It actually came out cuter than I expected… which is due entirely to the cute print and not the dress design. (Ignore the black socks… I forgot to take them off.)

I have a whole pile of cute cotton prints but only 1-2 yards of each. I am on a mission to use them up so there may be a lot more moomoos in my future if I can’t find something else to make. LOL

And not sewing related, but I got a video of Yoyo being a needy needy kitty. This was him not letting me nap last weekend. Every time I tried to stop petting him he’d shove his wet nose in my face and then roll over next to me for tummy rubs. ^^;