Last Dinner Aboard the Titanic

The Greater Bay Area Costume Guild had an event called “The Last Dinner Aboard the  Titanic” on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. I’m not a huge fan of the Edwardian or teens era dresses, but it was such a neat idea and it ended up being an amazing event. I’m so glad I went!

The dinner was held at the Bellevue club which is the beautiful location where GBACG held the Marie Antoinette Petite Trianon event, except that we used the bigger blue room next door.

 There were so many amazing beautiful dresses!

I posted photos of me, Judy and Mi’s dresses in the last post, so I skipped them in this one.

 Ohmigod, her dress was sooo clean. I don’t think I could make a dress that neatly if my life depends on it.

We picked up people from some other groups… and you can tell because there were more men at this event than I have ever seen at a GBACG event. LOL

 Another one of my favorite dresses at the event!

 It being green has nothing to do with my love of it… really.



I was so happy to finally get to meet bauhausfrau! Her dress is so neato!






 There were quite a few dresses made from saris. It was cool to see all the variations of what you can do with a sari in a teens dress!


 Look at the beading on this one! @_@

 Cool feather hat.



 A couple people at our table had gone to Titanic exhibitions recently where they had replicas of the actual menu, tickets, brochures, etc from the Titanic.


 The food was delicious! It was a 7 course meal that matched what they served on the Titanic.

 I forgot to take photos after this course… ^^;


 There was a live band and lots of dancing.


And relaxing after dinner.

I hope GBACG does more events like this. It was so much fun!