Kitties! (And a tiny bit of organizational stuff)

Kitty photos! (And two organizational photos that I’m sneaking in…)

So I didn’t mean to lie in my last post about no more organizational photos, but I’m going to include a couple here ’cause Art asked me if we have one of those over-the-toilet shelving units.

We do… but it’s not over a toilet…

The bathrooms in our house are really not designed for females ’cause when I moved in, I found I had no where to put any of my stuff. I happened to have one of these over-the-toilet shelving units… which I was previously using to store wig heads on. =D We decided to convert it into my supply “cabinet”. It goes over the laundry baskets which were already there and it’s worked out really well.

As usual, my love of putting everything into bins is pretty obvious…

Some of these flowers are just decorations but a lot of them are hair clips or hair sticks.

Ok now on to kitty photos!

Chair thieves…

Lap (and chest) full o’cat.

Yoyo doing his “arrrrr pirate” look. =D

Chin scritchies.

This is their morning sunning spot.

Long cat is long.

Yoyo being… Yoyo.

So this packing paper has been on the floor for weeks because the kids love to play in it. It’s like the world’s most ghetto cat toy and it makes it look like we just leave trash laying around the house, but I can’t bear to throw it away ’cause they have so much fun romping through it. ^^;

Yoyo passed out with Daddy.

I dunno how he manages to always looks so… LOST.

Bobo making sure my scraps don’t run away…

And the inevitable cat “assistants” that show up when one is cutting fabric…