Costume College 2012

It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to Costume College and I’ve gotten more into historical costumes over the last couple of years (thanks to Judy and Aimee), so I was excited about going again.

Judy and I taught 2 classes: 18th century wigs (actually Judy taught this one and I was her T.A.), and resin casting in your kitchen. I attended a couple hat making classes and an heirloom sewing class. Sadly, I missed a couple classes I really wanted to take because of limiteds. Next year, I need to pay a bit more attention to when my limiteds are. ^^;

I came back all inspired to make more historical costumes!

Friday night’s ice cream social. Look at all the pretty clothing!






I made a simple regency dress for the social. I modded the Simplicity regency pattern and for a bit there, it was the most unflattering sack known to man but it finally reached a wearable state after some wrestling. ^^;

Aimee’s pretty new regency.


Doing the pregnancy pose. /sigh


Mi’s gorgeous striped victorian.

Some photos from around the con. This pattern seller had some outfit patterns I was really tempted by like this gorgeous 30s dress.



I decided to wait to see what size I’m going to end up being after all this baby stuff.

And here is the costume exhibit. I looooooove this victorian Claudine made out of saris.

How gorgeous is that train?!

Re-creating the Worth peacock dress. Holy cow craziness! I can’t wait to see the finished dress!



Saturday night was the gala and here we are all dolled up.

I made a Tang Dynasty dress. I’m getting into studying up on historical chinese garb and this was a fun simple costume to make and worked well for pregnant-lady-who-can’t-wear-any-of-her-old-costumes. ^^;

It got mistaken a lot for a korean hanbok which is ok.

Judy with her awesome make-up and hat.


Kind of jealous of Aimee’s crown. LOL

Mi likes stripes, can u tell? =D

I love this photo Aimee took of me and Judy.

Katherine with her spectacular hair ship.

And Heath stopped by!

This frock coat was so fabulous!

Dinner was fancy and yummy!



Another shot Aimee took that I like a lot.

Kendra as a silver screen actress. How cool is that?

We stopped by the photo set-up to take some photos.





Uhm, yeah. I have real photos of this costume… I’ll post them later. LOL

And Bunny! With her… ok I forget what era this dress is from but the back is cool!

Hop! =)

I had a great time and I hope I can turn this into a yearly trip where I make Marcus watch the kid(s) while I run off with Judy. LOL