Baby Flying Bison

First post of 2013!

I posted this photo on FB but I thought I’d make a real post of  the larva in her costume debut. It’s a baby flying bison from Avatar.

There’s a couple scenes of Appa as a baby which were really cute. Who doesn’t want their own flying bison???

I made the costume last year while I was on maternity leave and we put her in it last Halloween when she was 2 weeks old but she was swimming in it. Baby costumes are really hit or miss ’cause they change size so quickly… We tried again at 3 months and it was a better fit.

The hood came out way too big but I guess that’s better than me trying to guess what size her head was going to end up being…




Making baby costumes is pretty fast and fun. I’m totally looking forward to making more for her. =D

Oh, I need a baby Star Wars costume for when the exhibit comes to the San Jose Tech. Any ideas? I was hoping for something other than the standard ewok or jawa but I’d be ok with doing an ewok too.

3 comments on Baby Flying Bison

  • Ed

    try a AT-AT Imperial Walker Baby Stroller, and princess leia should be cute and easy on her.

  • Jordan


    I love the Appa outfit! I’d love to make one for my two-month old. Do you happen to have a pattern?


    • AJ (author)

      Sorry I don’t have a specific pattern. I used a generic Simplicity bodysuit pattern and then altered it as I was sewing.

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