Rubber Tubing Cover for Seam Rippers

So I am sporting a new war wound from the sewing trenches: I put a gash in my arm with my seam ripper. I have a bad habit of storing my seam rippers pointy side up in a basket, and this isn’t the first time that I’ve stabbed myself while reaching for something. I’ve decided it’s the last time though!

It’s bad enough that I keep cutting myself on the seam rippers, but my cats like to wander across my sewing table too and I’m worried that one of these days, they’ll poke out an eyeball or something. My cats are pretty clumsy for cats…

I know seam rippers come with a cover when you buy them, but I can never seem to hold on to mine. They always end up falling off and getting lost or misplaced.

I decided I could make a more secure solution using clear rubber tubing, so I headed off to Home Depot to check out the plumbing aisle. Yes, I actually took my seam ripper with me and tried shoving it into all the different size tubes to see what would work best. The Home Depot guys didn’t even blink an eye at me. =D

I decided on the 5/8″ wide tubing. Unfortunately Home Depot doesn’t sell tubing by the foot so I had to buy a coil of 10 ft. The total came out to a little over $5, which isn’t too bad.

When I got home, I put the seam ripper into the tubing again and marked the tube where I wanted to cut it.

I tried a couple different cutting techniques including using an x-acto knife and a regular pair of scissors. I got the best result using my rotary cutter. Use an old blade as cutting rubber obviously dulls the blade quickly.

And now my seam ripper has a cover!

If you have more than one seam ripper, check the measurement for each one individually. It turns out one of mine had a thinner handle and I had to cut a longer tube for it.

And then the seam rippers went into my basket, and now I won’t stab myself anymore!