Sew Together Bag

I should have been working on my baby quilt but the idea of making 160 feet of scalloped trim made me lose steam so instead I made a cute bag. It’s the Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented. You can find the pattern in few places but I got mine on Etsy. The directions could have used some improvement, but I mostly followed the Sew Along on the Quilt Barn blog which is amazing and made things go very quickly and smoothly.

I was using what I had on hand for materials, so I ended up using most of of my leftover teacup quilt scraps and I finally used up the last of my random assortment of invisible zippers.  I had a lot of maroon invisible zippers left over from when we did Gilgamesh and they’re from so long ago, I can’t even remember why I had extras…

This is a super cute bag and I can’t wait to make more!

I really have to finish my quilt first though…

2 comments on Sew Together Bag

  • Cheryll

    Maybe we thought we needed zippers for the boots and arm sleeves? Aside from that, cute bag!

    • AJ (author)

      Oh maybe! I couldn’t figure out why I had so many bloody maroon invisible zippers cause I know we put one in each dress….

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