Baby Anna from Frozen Costume

The Larva’s latest costume for Big Wow Comicfest and Fanime was baby Anna from Frozen. Aimee designed all the Frozen fabrics for her Spoonflower shop so I was able to get all my fabrics there. I used a Kona cotton for the top and silky faille for the skirt. I really like Spoonflower’s silky faille fabric. It’s soft and flowy and didn’t wrinkle at all despite the Larva being in and out of the carseat and the stroller in her costume.

I used a simple shirred dress pattern as the base and made some modifications. I had to learn how to shirr too which I’ve never done before. It’s not a hard technique (once I figured out how to tighten the tension on my top loading bobbin), but somehow I’ve avoided needing to learn it all this time. My biggest problem was that I could not figure out how to miter inside corners nicely. I gave up after an entire night of trying and completely cheated the trim on the front of the straps. (Don’t look too closely. LOL)

I tried to buy a more accurate looking onesie to go underneath but USPS decided to deliver it to some random house in my complex. I hope whomever ended up with it has a baby that can actually wear it… I guess in the end it didn’t really matter what she wore underneath. She looked pretty cute and people recognized the costume. =D

2 comments on Baby Anna from Frozen Costume

  • Stephanie

    Just curious… are you selling this baby anna costume? If so, how much? Really cute!

    • AJ (author)

      I’m not selling this one as I’m saving it for the next baby but I’m thinking about maybe making a few for my Etsy shop. The fabrics from Spoonflower are pretty expensive though I’m not sure how people would feel about how much it would cost. So still thinking about it, but if I decide to do it, I’ll make a post about it. =)

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