Tea at Pemberley

2 weekends ago, the GBACG had a regency tea event in San Francisco. I never  pass up a chance at having tea, and being in costume always makes it that much more fun. The theme was “Tea at Pemberley” which is apparently a Pride and Prejudice reference. I only know that because Mi told me… it’s been way too long since I’ve read any Jane Austen.

I had planned to make a new regency: Judy and I purchased a gorgeous striped voile from India and got new patterns (the Fig Leaf Apron Front Dress) to try out, but she’s busy cramming her masquerade costume for SDCC, and I’ve been having fun quilting and making bags, and didn’t really want to stop to make a new costume. I decided to re-wear an old dress, and I hadn’t worn my blue sari open-robe dress to a GBACG event yet. Thankfully early regency dresses are something I can still wear comfortably. (Feeling very blimp-like these days…)

The tea was held at Dartealing, which I’ve never been to, and I really liked it! I wish it were closer so I could go more often. They had an amazing earl grey vanilla tea that I purchased  to drink at home. I also purchased some of their earl grey lavender which I haven’t tried yet. But it’s earl grey and lavender… how can you possibly go wrong?!

Here are some photos from the event!