Astharoshe Asran from Trinity Blood

I got interested in Trinity Blood because the artist did work on Five Star Stories and I could see some of the similarities when I first saw the art. I like the anime a lot and enjoyed reading the novels. I even tried reading them in Chinese but that was way too slow so I ended up reading the translations.

This costume was made entirely in a month. In fact, all of HCC did their respective costumes in the month between SDCC and World Con. If we’d been smart, we would have started sooner but we didn’t so there were a lot of long long nights.

All the detailing on the fabric is embroidery with hand beading on top. I sculpted the armor pieces and did resin casts of them so the costume is actually super light considering how much armor is on it. Judy helped me with my hat ’cause she’s super millinery person. Thanks Judy!

First Worn: Worldcon 2006