Candlehead from Wreck-It Ralph

The girls really love Wreck-It Ralph and when we picked it for the holiday photo theme, they immediately picked their favorite Sugar Rush Racers. I was hoping one of them would pick Vanellope so I could buy at least one costume, but no matter how much I wheedled, neither one of them wanted to be Vanellope. Of course my kids don’t want to be main characters. /eyeroll/ So I ended up making both their costumes from scratch.

For Candlehead’s costume, I made a pleated skirt and then added a petticoat underneath to fluff it out. The shirt was purchased and I added brown stripes. The hat base is made from Worbla and the icing on top is model magic. I used a bubble tea straw for the candle which was the perfect size and hollow, so we were able to run wires inside it. I cannibalized a battery operated tea light for flame on top, so it actually lights up. The jacket was pretty simple except for the scalloped cuffs which were a total PITA to do. I know now why most Candlehead cosplayers skip that detail….

I was really happy with how the whole set of costumes came out. Right before we sent out our holiday cards, Wreck-It Ralph 2 was released, and in it, Calhoun and Felix adopt all the Sugar Rush Racers. We obviously didn’t know that was going to happen, but it worked out perfectly for us!