Hanagumi Bodyguard from Takarazuka 90th Anniversary Track Meet

On big anniversaries, Takarazuka holds track meets where the 5 troupes compete against each other. It’s like a big field day with some totally cracked out events, like the 3-legged race or the musical chairs with 100+ people. One of the events is a skit competition where each troupe does a presentation.

When we were in Japan, Aya Mizu picked up the 90th anniversary track meet dvd and we spent a hilarious evening in our tiny cramped apartment in Tokyo watching it. Hanagumi did this awesome skit where Sumire Haruno was a pimp and Jun Sena was her bodyguard. Aimee and I decided on the spot we had to do those costumes.

So I made an obnoxious hot pink shirt and picked up a cheapo suit at the thrift shop and tada, costume!

First Worn: Photoshoot 2006