Hikaru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran is one of the most amusing series I’ve ever watched and I adore the twins. They remind me of the Weasley twins (which is probably the point). Despite me and PositiveSpace not looking even remotely alike, we decided to cosplay the twins.

I think I did zero work on this costume! The suit was bought, Ziggy made all the ties for us, the patches were done by Heather, and Cheryll styled our wigs. All cosplay should be this easy!

Because we are complete dorks, we decided it would be fun to set up a host club and took over a section of the lounge area in the Yaoi Con hotel. We served tea and cookies to people passing by and had a blast. We’ll have to do it again at another con.

Best part of the costume was being able to do photos of all the goofy moments in the anime.

First Worn: YaoiCon 2006