Hyoue from Her Majesty’s Dog

I picked up Her Majesty’s Dog randomly at a bookstore and decided it was just too cute to pass up. I lent it to Aimee and Judy who agreed and we decided a closet cosplay was in order.

We took some artistic liberty as there was only black and white art to go off of, and went the simple route of using stuff we had already. Judy used her Bleach hakama so all she had to do was make a new top, Aimee re-used her Marimite uniform with a new sash, and I grabbed a pair of black pants out of the closet and hacked up a store bought sweater.

There was momentary panic during the photoshoot when we broke the key to the handcuffs and I thought I was going to have to saw my way out of them. Thankfully we hadn’t tightened them too much so I was able to slip my hand out. *whew* Other than that snafu, we had a blast running around taking photos in these. Super goofy pictures are the best!

First Worn: Photoshoot 2006