Oscar from Rose of Versailles (Takarazuka Military Uniform)


Sometimes you have a costume that means so much to you personally, it becomes a dream to be able to make it and wear it. Silly as it sounds, this has been one of my dream costumes since I first saw the Takarazuka Rose of Versailles show in 2003.

Seeing the show live in 2006 was enough to convince me and Aimee that we had waited long enough and that we needed to make our costumes now. There was some serious cramming at the end there, but we got them done a couple months after getting back from Japan.

I love how the costume turned out, although I admit there are some things I would do differently the next time I make a napoleonic military suit. I even learned how to put in gussets (what a pain!). I think my favorite pieces are the military pins I made for us. They’re cast out of resin, painted and then decorated with more rhinestone trim than is really necessary for anything unless it’s Takarazuka.

The absolute best part of having this costume was getting to get on a stage with Aimee and performing a clip of the Takarazuka musical. We love this musical so much that it was a dream being able to actually perform it.

First Worn: Fanime 2006