Princess Bluebell from The Princess in Black

The Princess in Black is an adorable series of books about a princess with a secret super hero identity. The Brood adores these books, and they’ve been wanting to dress up from them for years now. The second book in the series is about a birthday party in which twelve princesses attend. After a lot of waffling over which princess they wanted to be, the Larva picked Princess Bluebell and the Grub picked Princess Hyacinth.

Interesting side note: Princess Magnolia is the main character and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t convince either one of them to pick the main character. Marcus thinks it’s hilarious because I generally avoid the main character and it appears my girls have picked up the same habit.

Princess Bluebell’s dress didn’t come out as poofy as I originally wanted, but maybe that’s just as well because the Larva found it a bit of a hassle to get around school on Halloween. She was the only one out there with a legit hoopskirt under her dress. LOL. The skirt petals are all edged in piping and rhinestones. I purchased some embroidery machine free standing lace patterns off Etsy to stitch the shawl flowers. The headdress and veil is built on a headband to it’s easy to put on and take off.

The girls had a lot of fun in these, and we had fun explaining to people who they were and recommending The Princess in Black series.