Starfire & Silkie from Teen Titans

From the episode “Can I Keep Him”. I was making a Silkie plushie and in the process of digging up screencaps of Silkie for reference, I came across one where Starfire was in her nightgown reading bedtime stories to Silkie. It was really cute and I didn’t have much time to make a new Starfire outfit, so this was perfect.

The costume was made in 3 hours and is not exactly haute couture but hey, it looks like a night gown! I spent more time working on Silkie than I did on the outfit. Plushies are hard! Thankfully, Silkie is about the equivalent of a stuffed jelly bean with legs.

Silkie has now taken up residence with Glen Murakami, director of Teen Titans.

First Worn: San Diego Comic Con 2006