Xiao Mei from House of Flying Daggers

While I could have done without the ending of The House of Flying Daggers, I really liked the first half. It was going so well up until that not so awesome “plot twist”.

I’ve wanted to do a dance skit for a long time and when my dance class buddy, Aki, mentioned an interest in cosplaying, I conscripted her before she could change her mind. This was her first time cosplaying and she got the full experience including staying up till 3am the night before the con.

The costumes weren’t too hard but there was a lot of handwork involved like the dye-ing of the skirts, and putting together insane amount of trim by hand to get the look we wanted.

The toughest piece turned out to be the headpieces which I opted not to do in metal and used resin. It was a pain (literally) figuring out how to keep them on while we were jumping and spinning.

A lot of bobby pins died for this costume…

Aki posted a video of our performance Youtube: House of Flying Daggers Dance Skit @ WonderCon.

First Worn: WonderCon 2007