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Dickens Fair 2011

We went to Dickens Fair a couple of weekends ago.  It’s one of my favorite events of the year and I always love taking friends to it.

This year, we ate our way across Dickens Fair. We started eating as soon as we got through the entrance and just continued eating the whole day. Sadly, one cannot eat that much in a corset. I really need to go back in muggle clothes so I can have more food (which is really good at Dickens Fair). =D

As always, it was kind of dark inside which made it hard to take photos. I’d like to go to the historical park in San Jose in the spring and get nice some nice photos of this dress.

Petite Trianon Event

Yesterday, Aimee, Judy and I attended the GBACG’s Petit Trianon Event. It was held at this beautiful private club in Oakland that had a room that was totally reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon.

Theme was 18th century so lots of beautiful dresses. I wore Fersen which is uh… the right period as far as the historical person. The outfit was really not remotely historically accurate, but I didn’t really have time to make something new. Everyone was very forgiving though, and they were just really really cool people all around! I hope Judy and I get to do a lot more GBACG events. I had so much fun at the last two!

I’ve decided I need a frock coat accurate to this era cause there were some absolutely fabulously dressed guys there. :: Adds that to mile long list of costumes to do ::

Conservatory of Flowers in SF

Judy and I did a video shoot over the weekend for “Get Out and Play”, a local San Francisco tv segment. They needed some Victorian costumers for the new exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers, so we volunteered. It was pretty neat since I’ve never done a video shoot before. A lot harder than photoshoots actually. Holding a smile pose for 30 seconds is no joke. o_O

The exhibit, Wicked Plants, is really really cool! It’s a tiny exhibit since the conservatory isn’t that big but it is really worth seeing if you are in the area. I want to go back and actually spend more time reading all the plaques. I never read the exhibit plaques.

Of unflattering hairstyles and big butts

We’re back! Jetlagged all to hell but happy to be home. Because my body kicked me awake at 5am today, I started processing photos. I did our victorian photoshoot first…

My dress was finished in 4 days with massive amounts of help from Marcus and Judy. MASSIVE. They did all the pleating on my trim which ended up being around 16 yards of fabric. And Judy did all the detailing on my skirt which includes the maroon panels in front (which I love to death) and all the trimmings on the back and bottom. Thanks soooo much guys!

Things I noticed about this costume:
– Ohmigod could this hair style be any less flattering on me? I’m still trying to figure out how to fix that for next time.

– My butt is really really big in this dress. Ok, I know that’s the point… but still!

– I dunno how you historical costumers do it! I was so sick of having to wrestle 15 yards of fabric 1/2 way through and wearing all that fabric? UGH. It’ll take some slick talking from Judy to get me to do that again.

– I had more complaints but I can’t think of them right now. =D

We dragged dmk26 out with us to take photos. It was just like old times!

Shaddup AJ and let me see the photos.