Wow I’m tired. And it’s not from staying up reading the Harry Potter book because I haven’t read it yet. I’m waiting for dmk26 to finish so I can borrow his. And it’s not ’cause I’m too cheap to buy it. I just don’t have the shelf space to store a hardback that’s bigger than most of my textbooks from college, much less to store 7. I’ll happily buy the paperbacks though.

So instead, I have been staying up to all odd hours of the night watching Gilgamesh. I am queen of dragging out anime watching. (Don’t even ask me where I am on Saiyuki…)

I finally finished watching Gilgamesh last night and…

I really liked it! The end was special though. Not Evangalion or Beserk “special” but it rates pretty up there on cracked out endings. It was one of those: I see it coming, I see it coming, oh shit… oh holy SHIT.


I’m still trying to figure out the very very end, that scene with the big tree and Kiyoko in that cocoon. Tear says to her that she’s been waiting for eons for Kiyoko so does that mean Kiyoko is the last surviving human?

The bit with the tuning fork at the end was awesome though. =D

I think my only other complaints were that the animation was really shoddy in some places and their re-use of the exact same animated sequences was confusing and annoying at times.

I wish they had given some resolution to the relationships of the Orga-Superior kids because I really liked them. There was enough in there to keep me happy; I just wish they’d had more before they bit the bullet… or knife… or got torn apart by the Gilgamesh.

The costumes are wicked cool. The Gilgamesh look damn good, even if they’re just cannon fodder. I love how not once did they ever name a single one of the Gilgamesh. You have to look at the website to figure out their names. You’d think they could have at least said Novem’s name seeing as how he ends up sleeping with one of the main characters.

Oh at some point in the way distant future, positivespace and I want to do those white robes at the end that Enkidu and his ‘gang’ have. =D We need 2 more people… Judy, Ziggy? =) I call Fujisaki! Or whatever the original’s name is…

This anime is definitely not for everyone. It can be a bit slow in some places but all the characters are very well done and I like them all… except maybe the Countess. I think people who dig animes like Clamp’s X would like it. The character designs are very cool too.

Check out the website for pictures of the characters:

I am doing Uno, the red-haired female Gilgamesh, and Cheryll is doing Quattor, the white haired female Gilgamesh, for Otakon. And yes, the ones in black, are guys. I know some of ’em look like girls. =D