Sept 30:
Peking Opera performance at Mission College for a Moon Festival celebration. I was just told there’s no way they can get a portable mic for me. I’m kinda not seeing why people bother inviting opera performers if they can’t mic them. What’s the point if no one can hear them singing? =P

My teacher is going to end up singing for me backstage with a handheld mic and while she’s going to sound a hell of a lot better than I would, it’s kinda exasperating to be practicing all this singing and never get heard.

There’s also a professional troupe visiting from China that’s worth checking out if you’re into watching ethnic folk dancing: Yun Nan Folk Dance & Song Show.

Oct 7-8:
I have dance performances both days. I don’t actually recommend anyone come watch them as I plan to really suck but if you’re feeling masochistic, lemme know. =D I have a sword dance solo and two group dances: water sleeves (think House of Flying Daggers with the long flowy sleeves) and a DaiZhu (minority group in china) dance. I’m really wishing I didn’t have that solo; I’d be a lot less stressed if I didn’t have that hanging over my head. =P

If you’re in the Maryland / Virginia area, Chu Shan Opera Institute is putting on a big performance that weekend. They’ll be performing excerpts from a couple famous plays like The Monkey King and Farewell My Concubine.

This performance is a very important to us as it’s a memorial performance for our teacher, Judy Huang, who passed away last Christmas. I can’t be there because of my recitals in California but if you’re at all interested in seeing Peking Opera, please go support my classmates!