A tale of 2 kitties and a camera

So Judy had this cute (albeit a bit wishful) thought to get pictures of Yoyo and Bobo for holiday cards.

Ok, for those of you who have never tried sitting down a cat to take portraits… it’s hard. Now, try it with two cats.


Step 1:
Lay out tempting fabrics that the cats usually sit on which they will ignore even though they can usually be found sitting on it within 3 minutes.

Yoyo: I sense a trap.

Step 2:
Wait. Wait some more. Wait about an hour… eventually one of the cats will come over.

Bobo: I sense a trap.

Step 3:
Wait for cat #1 to finish investigating and sit down.

Bobo: Actually I’m gonna lie down ’cause I’m a brat.

Step 4:
Wait for all of a minute for cat #2 to get jealous of cat #1 and come over to investigate.

Yoyo: I knocked down the backdrop…

Step 5:
Try to get cats to look at camera.

Step 6:
Try to get cats to look at camera. (Repeat as needed. And you will need to. Lots.)

Step 7:
Try to keep cats interested.

Bobo: This is hard work. *flop*

Step 8:
Fail miserably at step 7.

Step 9:
Decide that it is a lost cause and that sleeping kitties are the easiest to photograph.

Step 10:
Call it a night. They did already. =P

Yoyo & Bobo: zzzzzzz.

Happy Holidays everyone!
(Y’all get a virtual card cause I am entirely too lazy to mail physical ones. ^_^ )