2008 Dance Photos

I’m going to not talk about politics, be frivolous instead and post dance photos. Not that I don’t care about the election ’cause I do! Only thing I’m going to say is: if you haven’t registered to vote, join the record turnout this year and go register!

I think this pose looks a little off. I probably should have gotten lower but you never notice these things until after you get the photo back.

I hated just about every photo taken of me in this costume. I wish Chinese dance costume makers were not so enamored with satin. It seems to look ok on stage during a performance but it’s just not flattering in photos. Ever.

Dai Zhu peacock dance.

Dirty feet ftw. LOL

I thought I could get away with not putting coverup makeup on my tattoo but I’m re-thinking that now looking at this photo. =P