Piercings & cats

I have the flu. It really sucks. >.<

I went to get piercings with Lorelai over the weekend. Every 2-3 years, I get the urge to get another hole punched in me or a tattoo. ^^; This time I got another cartilage piercing in my ear.

Lorelai got her belly button pierced and 2nd holes put in her ear, and in middle of all this, her boyfriend passed out on us! Just keeled over and collapsed onto the floor. (He’s fine, he just kinda went woozy for 2 seconds.) We’re still harassing him about it. =DDDD

Lesson here: make sure you eat something before piercings / tattoos to keep your blood sugar up… even if it’s not you getting the piercing! =D

Some more badly edited kitty photos…

I’m still learning how to edit photos in RAW. It’s pretty awesome what you can do but I end up with photos that look completely different as far as “feel”. I suppose it’s ok cause it’s not like the cats care how classic they look…