I think I need to stop buying takochus…

I’m very proud of my little mini-shelving unit I built by cutting up plastic rods from Tap. <3 Tap Plastics!

I should really make this a couple different LJ posts but I so rarely get to sit down and write a post so I’m just getting it all out of the way in one go.

We’re going to China in April! I’m so excited! I’ve never been! Judy, Marcus and I are flying to Shanghai for a couple of days and then to Beijing for a week. Aimee is gonna meet us in Beijing and then afterwards, Marcus and I are going to Taiwan to see family.

If you’ve ever been to Shanghai or Beijing and want to tell us about something we must see, let us know! We’re doing all the usual touristy stuff and we plan to meet up with [info]fatwetdog. I’m totally watching a million Chinese movies cause my Chinese is so rusty. =D

I feel like I should send that top photo to HP and compliment them on the sturdiness of their printers. “Has been stress tested by 30lbs of cat and still prints great!”

And this is Sully, [info]chinaceili‘s new fur-baby. He’s actually quite cute… for a rat.

Oops, almost forgot this last photo. Taken with a point & shoot so it’s not that great, but it was all I had on hand and it was too good a photo op to pass up. Never fall asleep in my house… you will become a kitty cushion.

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  • Soyfki


    Sorry if my message is rude but I’m desperately in search of Takochu, so I try my luck ^_^

    So, are you ok to sell me some of them ?
    (I have already the Ice cream set and the red, blue, pink (with red mouth) and yellow clears, black, purple and pink “suction cup”, and the mat black models.)

    If you want, I can swap with you a doll (a Hujoo Berry custom with wig, eyes and a hoodie) if you sell me a lot of Takochus.

    Hope to your reply.
    Cheer, Noemie X

    (PS : sorry for my bad english)

    • AJ (author)

      Hi Noemie,

      Sorry but I’m not looking to sell any of my takochu. I found most of them on Y!J auctions though so you can try looking there. Good luck!

  • Heather Harpole

    I recently tried to win some takochus on ebay, but at literally at the last second I was beat! I would really be happy if you would sell me some takochus for a reasonably price… Like $20.00 ish a piece! I really would be happy to get some cause they are really cute!!!

    • AJ (author)

      Sorry but I’m not looking to sell any of my takochu.

  • Heather Harpole

    BTW I will have any of your takochus I would be happy to buy any!

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