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Then we shall fight in the shade…

Just saw 300.
I loooooved it! My only complaint is that I kinda wish they had been a teensy bit more historically accurate but I know Frank Miller’s book isn’t so I won’t complain overmuch.

It was so visually stunning! And the fight choreography was phenomenal. Oh and the phalanx maneuvers: SOOO @$#&*%! COOOOOOL.

Man, makes me wanna cosplay a Spartan just so I can be so badass too. :: roll eyes ::

Obviously that won’t work so well… sooo, maybe the practically naked oracle chick instead? =D

And my obligatory fangirl moment here: Dienekes was hot.
(Hmm… so that’s the name of the Spartan who said that really famous line of “we shall fight in the shade”, but looking at the credits on IMDB, they don’t have that name listed for any of the characters, so they musta named him something else.)

Oh well… who cares? He was hawt. =D

P.S. I know there will probably be a lot of people cosplaying Spartans in the year to come and here is me hoping that most of them are gonna look ok in a leather diaper. o_O You gotta be pretty damn manly (and ballsy… and in shape) to pull that look off…

Underworld 2

I had to go see ’cause I loved the first one. The second one… well… hmm…

I liked parts here and there and the ideas worked for me but somehow execution was a bit… off. I think part of it was the abruptness: abrupt scene changes, abrupt music changes (and damn was the score unsubtle). The cheesiness was great too. *roll eyes* I liked the nice big budget they had this time with cool contacts for everyone though.

As my friend Matt put it: the last one had character development and plot, this one was just on big Boss fight. It needed the blinking “boss” in the corner. =D

Medieval Amelia was HAWT by the way. WOOOW. Can we see more of her? kthx.

Ok, a post of more substance will be forthcoming.