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Tutorial for Super Mario Bros Patches

So here’s how I made Super Mario Bros patches, and the technique works for any custom clothing patches…

Super Mario Bros Knee Patches

I used Google image search to find images from the game: a mushroom, a star, a cloud, and the ghost. I picked simple designs that only had a few colors.

After I picked a few possible patch images, I used Word to lay out the images in various sizes and printed them out.

Printout of different patch sizes

Patching Clothes Geek Style

What do you know… the Larva put holes in another pair of pants. Well, one hole, but I preemptively patched both knees because I know it’s just going to be a matter of time before the other knee ends up with a hole too.

I decided she needed something geek themed, and went with Super Mario Bros patches. (And yes, if these pants look familiar, it’s because they’re the same pants I patched in my last post. The Larva has 2 pairs of these pants, and now they all have patched knees.)

Super Mario Bros Knee Patches

These patches were really fun to do and they weren’t that much more work than a simple heart patch. I’ll post a tutorial next time on how I made these.

Tutorial on Patching Clothes

finished clothing patch

Patching clothes was never something I had to do before, but kids are really hard on their clothes! In the last year, I’ve patched quite a few knee and elbow holes.

At first I bought those patches that are sold at Joann, but then I realized I have lots of fabric scraps that would make adorable patches so why not make my own? It’s super easy and fast. I can patch a knee hole in about 15 minutes. Of course right now the knee holes are very small as the Larva is only 2 years old…