Meow thoughts.

I finally got a photo of Yoyo sleeping on me. Yoyo likes to sleep on me when I’m trying to work in bed. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a cat when said cat is sleeping on your chest? I swear it’s cat genetics: sleep on human at most inconvenient time possible.

For example, Bobo likes to sleep on Judy’s lap when she’s playing KH2, and he’ll push the controller down with his paw cause it’s in his way and he wants her to pet him. Judy testifies that it’s really inconvenient (especially during boss fights) when he does this. =D

Random cat question of the day: how does the fur on striped animals know to change color as it’s growing out?

Judy and I have a theory that Yoyo is so dumb because the majority of his brain power goes into growing his stripes. Bobo has no stripes so no wasted brain power and he’s definitely the smarter of the two. =D

Ok enough kitty bashing.

If anyone is in Berkeley on Saturday and attending the Earth Day Fair, I’ll be performing Chinese Opera around 1-2pm. Not sure of the exact time and I’m even less sure why I’m performing at an Earth Day Festival but I just go where my teacher sends me. =)

I’ll post more details tomorrow after I talk to my teacher.