Kitty sandwich

Confusion is waking up in the morning to find that your roommate left a huge pile of millinery wire in front of your door. @_@

I still haven’t figured out what it’s for either… ^^;

It’s been super relaxing winding down after SDCC. I finally discovered the carpet in my room after a weekend of cleaning. I was beginning to think it didn’t exist anymore. Next up is cleaning the sweatshop area. It’s a daunting task… sigh.

I’m taking the time to read lots and watch anime. I read the last HP book (it was ok), the comic Red Star (awesome!), more Kabuki (awesome!), and 30 Days of Night (art was not so awesome, story was ok).

Judy and I are currently watching Hex (British series, pretty good!) and Chevalier d’Eon which I thought was pretty good but I’m not raving about it yet.

I am however mad about Claymore! Thanks to black_howling, I was able to read up to book 13. And (big surprise), I wanna cosplay from it! I’m thinking Miria, but her outfit from after the battle at Pieta. Who knows when I’ll get to it though.

I’m going to Dragon*Con at the end of the month for the very first time! I’m trying to decide what costumes to bring. We’re working on the stewardesses from The 5th Element which should be fun and I think I need a pirate costume… just cause everyone needs a pirate costume.

I dunno what else though… I want super comfy, easy to transport and most of my costumes are not either of those. Maybe House of Flying Daggers? I’ll have to noodle on it.