So my first Dragon*con? Freaking awesome! So awesome I can’t remember most of it so this will be short. I don’t think I’ve drank this much since my freshmen year in college. =P

I wore my kangaroo kigurumi again with Aimee’s monkey. Everyone thought I was Kanga and Roo from Winnie the Pooh. Might have had something to do with the fact that we were near the Disney gathering…

I got asked if I was a guy or girl while wearing my lime lolita. @_@ (Why doesn’t anyone ever ask that when I’m cross-dressing?!) And then to make it even better, the dude came back again a few minutes later to tell me he had to ask because he thought I was hot.

There’s no recovering from the hole you dug buddy, so just move along. :: roll eyes ::

We didn’t bring our 5th Element stewardesses. We were actually close to finishing but we really didn’t like the results so we decided not to bring them. I think we’ll be re-making them in another material. Lord knows we spent enough time drafting mock-ups for it.

So instead, I did a last minute, ghetto-tastic Tigerlily from Kabuki costume and got to stalk meet David Mack again.

And before any of y’all ask (’cause I know someone is going to), yes, there is some serious padding going on in that bra!

Isn’t Tracy’s Kabuki costume phenomenal?! That tattoo took them 3 hours to apply…

My roomies were awesome! *loves to twjudy, aimeekitty, fatwetdog*

I love this photo of fatwetdog. She had a couple close calls on that fountain there and at one point, I was sure she was just gonna roll off that ledge and fall into the fountain… ^^;

I finally have a pirate costume! Somehow drinking is legitimized by the addition of a pirate costume.

To be really technical, I’m not sure if my costume qualifies as a “pirate” but who cares? I was dressed as one of the chicks standing behind Chow Yun Fat in his lair in Singapore.

The guy manning the door at the pirate party tried to keep me out by saying only pirate costumes were allowed in. When I told him I was from Pirates of the Carribean III, he told me he hadn’t seen it yet. Nice one buddy. Even better was that one of the first costumes I saw inside was a guy dressed in a Starfleet uniform. =P

We didn’t even make an attempt to see any panels although we did think very hard about it. And then we went back to sleep.

The icing on an awesome weekend was that my cousin came out to see me with her twin boys whom I haven’t met yet. They’re so cute! And starting to get to the really rambunctious stage… I feel sorry for my cousin. LOL

Major thanks to zendrag0n, Tracy, and Heath for showing us around at our first Dragon*con (and for other services rendered…)

And I know he’s not gonna read this but thanks Tal for all the company and getting us into the VIP suite!