WonderCon 2009

I had a lot of fun at WonderCon! Despite scrambling to finish our fairy costumes in a week, we weren’t that stressed. We wore steampunk costumes on Saturday and the Sleeping Beauty fairies on Sunday. We didn’t attend a single panel and spent all the time just wandering around seeing people and browsing the dealers hall.

I was so glad to have been able to see just about everyone we knew there and even spend time with them! Thanks to people who braved our panel and sorry it was so held back on the AV front. I’ll try to remember to bring my laptop next time so we’re not stuck with the equipment there.

The fairies were so fun to wear! More photos by Ziggy.

I have never had to fit for such a large bust size on myself so it was pretty interesting. Nothing in my prior sewing experience had prepared me for trying to fit myself with DDs. LOL. Judy had to come in and bail me out after I screwed up my first fitting.

Aren’t the hats so awesome?! All Judy as well. Yays for having a millinery expert for a roommate. Somehow I have managed to escape making all my hats thanks to Judy. It’s like… I try, and then I’m so slow that Judy just comes in and finishes my hat for me in a day. ^^;

And I really need to do something about fixing my petticoats cause that last hoop showing so badly is driving me bananas. I swear, there are petticoats under my skirt but they kept riding up. I think I’ll tack a layer or ruffles onto the bottom hoop as well.

I think I need to start my Fanime costumes now. Of course, I say that now, but then don’t start until the week before…

P.S. Anyone Claymore fans out there feeling a little let-down over the conclusion with Isley? It feels so… anti-climatic.