2010 Dance Videos

I am so behind on catching up with people and posting on LJ! Going to try to be better about it if I survive my next few work deadlines.

We just got our performance video from the 2010 Showcase. I have to say that I was far less enthused about this last year’s dances (except for the snake dance) so I’ll post the videos but I’m kind of enh on them. ^^;

I was just thinking that Green Snake has these total “SQUIRREL!” moments during that dance…

This is a Korean dance. I was very very blah when the teacher picked this one. ^^; I just don’t like this style of dance but as the teacher once told me: I can’t just do the dances I like so suck it up and learn it. Ok, he said it much nicer but he was right. So yah…

At least the costume was pretty…

This dance is a dance I love but on hindsight, I do not think we should have done it. The big problem is that the adult class is mostly moms and they just do not have the time to put into 2 performance dances and this one really suffered from not enough practice. Also, we just did not have enough people to make it look like it should. We managed to pull it off by cramming like crazy on our own the last 2 weeks but it was stressful.

I suggest you go look at the original cause it’s really cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOsI_pCTa8I&feature=related

And if you are bored enough to watch this one, can you figure out which one is me? =D

This one is my trio dance. It was a cute, fluffy dance! Nothing too fancy but I had fun doing it.

And I hope you made it this far because this one is worth seeing! This is D and her friend, Cyrus, who decided he wanted to take dance classes with us. They decided to do a duet for the performance and they did an awesome job. The lifts in this dance were really hard! Lorelai and I watched them practice them over and over and over… we also spent a lot of time teasing Cyrus about the awesome head decoration on his costume. =D

And that’s it! I’ve been slowly cutting back on dances and time at the studio so this year, I’m only doing 2 dances. What will I do with myself all year?! ^_^