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West Coast Swing

I’m going to take a page from sarcasm_hime and start posting dance videos I love. Marcus and I take West Coast Swing lessons (we’re total noobs) and I’ve been surfing youtube watching the professionals.

This West Coast Swing improv is just so cute, I have to share.

Swing competitions do this thing called the Jack & Jill where they randomly pick a guy and a girl and throw a random song at them, and they have to get up there and compete. It’s bananas what they can do on the fly. If I am ever a tenth as good as they are, I would be in heaven.

2010 Dance Videos

I am so behind on catching up with people and posting on LJ! Going to try to be better about it if I survive my next few work deadlines.

We just got our performance video from the 2010 Showcase. I have to say that I was far less enthused about this last year’s dances (except for the snake dance) so I’ll post the videos but I’m kind of enh on them. ^^;

Snake Dance Practice Video

Actually the official name is Green Snake and White Snake and it’s based on the Legend of the White Snake which is one of my favorite Chinese stories. I’ve learned a couple White Snake bits for Chinese Opera but this is my first time getting to be Green Snake. I have wanted to be Green Snake since I was a little girl. Dream come true! LOL