Conservatory of Flowers in SF

Judy and I did a video shoot over the weekend for “Get Out and Play”, a local San Francisco tv segment. They needed some Victorian costumers for the new exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers, so we volunteered. It was pretty neat since I’ve never done a video shoot before. A lot harder than photoshoots actually. Holding a smile pose for 30 seconds is no joke. o_O

The exhibit, Wicked Plants, is really really cool! It’s a tiny exhibit since the conservatory isn’t that big but it is really worth seeing if you are in the area. I want to go back and actually spend more time reading all the plaques. I never read the exhibit plaques.

The exhibit is about all the poisonous plants you have growing in your yard that you probably didn’t know about. Like oleander! Judy was pointing out that they grow that flower everywhere in California, including on school grounds. And the leaves are poisonous. And kids like to put everything in their mouths…

And did you know cashews are from the same family as poison oak and poison ivy? That’s why you never see raw cashews. Note to self: do not plant a cashew tree.

Just last week, I bought a foxglove plant for my front patio. So if I have the sudden urge to poison someone, I am equipped!

I spent a good portion of Friday re-doing my parasol for this costume. I’m pretty happy with the results!

Judy did my hair for the shoot and it was awesome! I wish you could see it better.

Some of the plants on exhibit. It was kind of hard to take photos in between the video shoots so I don’t have that many.

Ok that’s not creepy or anything. -_-

This guy was in another section of the conservatory. Funkiest looking fruit ever!

And the pretty floor grates.