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Victorian Family Photo for Holiday Cards

I’ve been so swamped under holiday sewing last few weeks! I’m finally done so I got some time to post, and I wanted to show our holiday card.

vintage victorian family photo
vintage victorian family photo

I’m not very good at the holiday greeting card thing. In fact, I have never sent them out before. It always seemed like way too much work and other then sending photos of my cats (and have you ever tried doing a photoshoot with cats?), I couldn’t really think of anything appropriate to put on the card.  The advent of the brood has me re-thinking my stance though, and when I found out Tiny Prints would mail the cards for me, it seemed like I was out excuses for not sending cards this year.

I love seeing themed family photoshoots (no surprise right?), so I wanted us to do one too. I’ve got a whole list of themes I want to do. This year’s theme was a vintage Victorian family photo.

Tea at the Sheraton & the Gaultier Exhibit

Here are some photos for when we went for tea at the Sheraton in San Francisco. Praedestinatio didn’t get to go to the Last Dinner Aboard the Titanic, so we wanted to wear our 1910s dresses to another event. We decided doing tea would be fun and we love checking out new places for high tea.

I also posted a couple (ok more than a couple) of photos from the Gaultier exhibit at the deYoung Museum that we visited before going to tea.

1911 Corset

So I finally finished the corset that was supposed to go under my Titanic dress. =D A month after the Titanic event…

I was doing the 1911 Corset Sew Along, which started in January, and then realized I wasn’t going to be able to wear a corset come April, so I shelved the project. I’ve had some free time the last couple of weeks so I decided to sit down and finish it. I have no idea when I’ll get to use it but hey, it’s done!