Pirates of the Burning Sea


Marcus isn’t playing WoW anymore so he’s been looking for another MMO that’s more lowkey, and decided on Pirates of the Burning Sea. I’ve been trying it out with him and it’s been pretty cool! It’s free so no harm in checking it out. I utterly suck at boarding ships though. I keep accidentaly shooting them instead. >.<

I thought I’d share my utterly froofy-looking pirate. (Actually we’re playing French cause pirates way outnumber everyone else.) I was totally thinking of what Lord Akeldama’s boys would be wearing when I picked the clothing ’cause I just finished reading Gail Carriger’s Heartless. LOL

I was also tempted to name my ship <i>Kittypaws</i> but decided on <i>Scylla</i> instead. <i>Kittypaws</i> just doesn’t really inspire much fear…

Ok, back to processing China photos!