Petite Trianon Event

Yesterday, Aimee, Judy and I attended the GBACG’s Petit Trianon Event. It was held at this beautiful private club in Oakland that had a room that was totally reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon.

Theme was 18th century so lots of beautiful dresses. I wore Fersen which is uh… the right period as far as the historical person. The outfit was really not remotely historically accurate, but I didn’t really have time to make something new. Everyone was very forgiving though, and they were just really really cool people all around! I hope Judy and I get to do a lot more GBACG events. I had so much fun at the last two!

I’ve decided I need a frock coat accurate to this era cause there were some absolutely fabulously dressed guys there. :: Adds that to mile long list of costumes to do ::

The Bellevue Club from the outside.

We arrived really early and got dressed, so we had time to run outside and take some photos. (And amuse the muggles.)

One of the guys there teased me about my redonkulous boots so we had to explain how I was trying to get taller than Aimee when I made this costume… I don’t think I succeeded but I really tried!

The pink room. This is the room we had the event in.

The blue room. This was the room next door that was also amazing! They were setting up for another event, but they let us sneak in and snap a couple photos.

And then back to the pink room as people started to show up. The turnout was amazing! I think they had a max of 75 people and sold out. That is a lot of beautiful historical costumes in one place.

The most amazing hairpiece in the room that night.

And because the event was The Petit Trianon, there was a Marie with her court presiding.

Some of these photos make me think of scenes from a period movie.

I’m all itching to make a new frock coat now with a retarded amount of embroidery on it… but I gotta finish SDCC costumes first. ^^;