Taiwan (Part.3)

And the last batch of Taiwan photos!

Cute advertisement for the subway.

We went for dinner at Din Tai Fung which is a really famous dumpling restaurant. It’s a chain and there’s one in Arcadia, CA so if you’re ever down there, check it out.

Next to the restaurant was this bakery with the CUTEST CAKES.


Next day we went to PF 14 which is kind of like a giant artist alley at an anime convention.


Llamas were really really popular. o_O I didn’t really get it but I’m really out of touch with anime these days…



Cute puppy chilling out by the side of the road. (His owners were selling food at a cart nearby.)

Our hosts, Victor and Lily, took us to a night market for dinner that night. It was crowded!




The food was sooo good.

And on our last day, we decided to visit the National Palace Museum. Some of the random sights on the way there…



You’re not allowed to take photos inside the museum so I don’t have any. These are from the gardens next to the museum.

Marcus feeding the fish again.





An internet cafe we passed on the way home. Much fancier than the ones I used in Japan…

And this is me trying to pack up the ridiculous amounts of food my grandma gave us to take back to the U.S. -_- Trying to explain to her that we can get all this stuff in the U.S. is an exercise in futility…. We had to buy an extra box to get all this stuff back home.